Breakthrough Team

Gui Mansilla M.Div. RP
Reg. Psychotherapist and Coach

Gui’s dream and passion have always been to make the world a better place. Gui was raised in Argentina where he earned a Masters degree in Criminal Law. Here in Canada Gui has earned his Masters in Divinity and is trained as a psychotherapist and coach with over 5000 hours of experience helping others.

Gui is known for his honesty and clarity and for being compassionate and caring with clients. He feels honored and privileged that his work is helping people to heal and actualize their dreams, aspirations, and passions.

Florence MacGregor MFA
Embodyment Coach / Student Psychotherapist

Florence believes in breakthrough models of transformation. She uses Love, Hope, Trust and Humor as engineering tools to help clients integrate change for a better life both in the body and in the World.

Florence has trained at the Tia Chi and Meditation Centre, Maureen Rae’s Yoga Institute, the International Globe Fellowship in London England, the Stratford Festival of Canada’s Conservatory Program in Classical Acting, the Centre for Circle Wisdom, University of Victoria, and York University. Florence has a Master of Fine Arts and has worked as a professor of Qi-studies, Movement for Actors, Vocal and Text coaching and Shakespeare in performance.

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