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Leer ficción mejora la conectividad y actividad cerebral

Escrito por Christopher Bergland Neurólogos han descubierto que la lectura de novelas puede incrementar la actividad cerebral en una variedad de formas. Este estudio fue hecho en la universidad de Emory. El estudio, llamado “Los efectos de corto y largo … Continue reading

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Emotion and Logic are both sides of Love’s coin

  Popular culture attributes attraction and affection solely to our right emotional/creative brain hemisphere. We usually gauge attraction through our instincts or primitive drives. When we like someone, it is not unusual not to be able to completely pinpoint what … Continue reading

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El amor de pareja… ¿Es parejo?

English Version ¿Somos completos y amamos al otro como a nosotros mismos? Muchas veces definimos la pareja con una necesidad de completarnos y decimos “nuestra media naranja” “la horma de nuestro zapato” como algo que se ensambla y nos completa, … Continue reading

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En español Are we complete and do we love our partners as we love ourselves? We usually define our partners as our missing half, as if they were the assembly part to fill our void. However, it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Online dating might be a time sink

Every online dating site promises to offer you the love of your life. Cutting edge algorithms determine your key personality traits and predetermine matching personalities within your vicinity. Every aspect of the date is a result of empirically tested deductions. … Continue reading

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Awakening to dying and loss

Today we lost Lina. She was a great friend, a loyal companion, and a very grounded presence in our home. She was Ashara’s (our five year-old daughter and resident sage) pet, a witty and steady potato bug. As small and insignificant as … Continue reading

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It’s not just in your head

When you imagine yourself, do you see your mind and your body as separate parts of yourself? If so, your body may not agree with you. The belief that our mind lives in a secluded area of our body has … Continue reading

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