Depression: 52 pick me ups

52 Ways CoverTaking medication as a way to deal with depression is not for everyone. The good news is that it’s far from being the only path towards emotional well-being.

Our colleague, Nicole McCance, has compiled 52 tips on how to breakthrough your depression naturally. To help her become an Amazon best seller, many industry leaders are offering over $2000 in perks to support her in her quest against depression.

As seen before, the key to working through our depression is learning how to identify our suppressed emotions, how to consciously feel them, and how to express our feelings in order to keep our emotional cycle up and running.

Being emotionally competent is sound advice, but what activities or habits are needed to achieve this? Identifying our emotions, feeling them consciously, and expressing them sound nice, but what are we to do when emotions seem too strong?

What exactly can we do to process our emotions without taking medication?

In 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally by Nicole McCance, you’ll find all the tips you need to gradually start your journey to emotional well being. This book is the culmination of 10 years of the author’s work in the field of depression.

More importantly, this book holds 52 easy to understand tips and exercises that will help you combat depression without taking any form of medication. All these tips are compiled from Eastern and Western philosophies, multiple relaxation techniques, and healthy nutritional and exercise habits.

Purchase Nicole’s book on January 21st to begin your natural path to your emotional competency and get our e intro video coaching session to get you started on authentic video message. Go to this link to learn about Nicole’s story behind her quest and get the book!

 by Edgar Valderrama Medina 

Edgar is the content manager for Breakthrough Center and Breakthrough Broadcast 

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